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Naoshima (直島 ) is a small group of islands located in the Seto Inland Sea with just 3000 inhabitants. The largest of these was until recently becoming a barren, post-industrial site, before it was transformed and redeveloped into Japan’s ‘Art Island’. It’s now a cultural hotspot whose art-based attractions draw hordes of tourists, with nearly a million people visiting its famous Triennale festival alone but the question is : can you swim in Naoshima?

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Umi No Hi : Marine Day in Japan

The third Monday in July in Japan, though is different to everywhere else, it is Umi No Hi, or Marine Day, a special holiday celebrating the sea.


Beyond the Commuter Belt: River Swimming in Saitama

Conveniently seated in a natural bay fed by the estuaries of several rivers, the old town of Edo supported fertile grounds for farming and plentiful stocks from the sea.


Discover Izu Peninsula

Izu peninsula is a haven from the nearby megapolis: white sand beaches, dramatic Fuji sunsets, world-class diving and watersports, mountains, waterfalls...


5 Unique Onsen in Tokyo

All the seismic activity of Japan, as a land of volcanoes warms up the water, making an archipelago of natural hot springs, or as they are known here, onsen.

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