enoshima beach


Busy party beaches in the summer with gentle waves alongside bars and restaurants. A charming island with food stands, ancient shrines and a secret private beach. High-class onsen/spa with sunset views of Mount Fuji.

kamakura beach

Kamakura Yuigahama

A surfer beach in a town full of old world charm and first-class temples, shrines, food and more. It’s a black sand stretch with a fun personality that really comes alive in summer when a bandstand and bars shack up.

hayama beach

Hayama Isshiki

One of the nicest beaches in the Tokyo area, with some of the cleanest waters. Perhaps this explains why the Emperor himself built a beach house here. Highlights include clear water and a nice deserted island to swim out to.

ama beach

Ama Beach

If you’ve ever dreamed of swimming with sea turtles, you will have to visit this beach on Zamami Island, Okinawa. You simply can’t miss these friendly visitors feeding peacefully everyday around the corals during high tides.

furuzamami beach

Furuzamami Beach

Definitely one of the most beautiful shores in Okinawa. Famous for its coral reef, this is a snorkelers’ paradise. Here you can spot lots colourful tropical fish in clear blue water and then relax on this white sand beach.

nishibama beach

Nishibama Beach

This bay is considered as the jewel of Aka island. A long sunny beach in the wilderness of this small island in Okinawa, a home for deer, sea turtles and tropical fish. A quiet stretch with beautiful coral but not much shade.

zushi beach

Zushi Kaigan

While not as beautiful as some close neighbours this is a great all-rounder and good for swimming and watersports. Summertime brings some annoying rules but also a lot of people and good times.

inakahama beach

Inakahama Beach

Probably the most beautiful beach of the island, it is also the main nesting ground for sea turtles from May to October so be very careful if you come during that time to not disturb nesting females or their babies.

Nishibama beach

Kurio beach

Kurio beach located in the south west of Yakushima is the best palce for snorkelling on the island around Tzukazaki Tide Pool. The beach is really pleasant as well and not busy at all, all year around.

atami beach

Atami Beach

Atami used to be a very popular holidays destination for Tokyo people in the 80’s and 90’s. Less trendy nowadays, the city still has a special atmosphere and a beach right in the middle of the town.

shirahama beach

Shirahama Beach

Is it the most beautiful beach in Honshu ? This long white sand bay with different shades of blue sea is definitely impressive. Hugely popular, it becomes a bit too crowded in the summer but still unmissable if you are in Izu area.

tatadohama beach

Tatadohama Beach

The beautiful beach surrounded by cliffs and caves is one of the top destinations if you want to have a swim in Izu. Popular with surfers, it is a bit less crowed than Shirahama and atmosphere is more family friendly.

tsumekizaki beach

Tsumekizaki Beach

A quiet bay where you can camp and have the beach for yourself to the east of Shimoda in Izu. A bit rocky if you compare to the other white sand beaches in Shimoda but looking wilder for the nature lovers.

ose beach

Ose Beach

At the extreme north of Izu, if you want to contemplate Mount Fuji while swimming this one is for you. With its crystal clear water, it’s a very famous spot for diving or snorkelling … as you will quickly realise.

hirizo beach

Hirizo Beach

If you want to avoid the crowd, this rocky beach is the perfect spot for snorkelling. You can see tropical fish, sea urchins, eels and even small sharks if you are lucky. Not the best Izu beach for sunbathing though.

yumigahama beach

Yumigahama Beach

This 20 km long bay of golden sand is at the very east of Yumigahama peninsula close to Sakaiminato city and the famous Kaike spa. The beach is surrounded by a forest of pines with a view on mount Daisen.

ibaraki beach

Ibaraki Beach

Ibaraki prefecture is known rather unfairly as the 47th most exciting prefecture in Japan … out of 47! With a Pacific Coastline perfect for surf and swim, the place is definitely worth a visit. Check out Hirai Beach Resort, one of the closest spots to Tokyo.

shibukawa beach

Shibukawa Beach

This 1 km long bay in Okayama Prefecture deserves a visit for several reasons. This yellow sand beach surrounded by pine trees is not very touristy. Therefore it is very calm, authentic and family friendly.


Fuji Beach

Not the most glamorous beach for swimmers but this quiet shore next to Fuji city can be recommended for surfers. You can expect big waves and views on Mount Fuji during clears days.

Onjuku beach

Onjuku Beach

Chiba doesn't host only Narita airport and Disneyland, it also has many beautiful beaches. Onjuku is one stretch of open sand and rippling waves that’s well worth the long trip round the peninsula.