Tokyo Pools

List of the best public pools in Tokyo district

This pool is ticking all the boxes: outdoor, 50 meter size with stunning urban view in the middle of the skycrapers. Open from July 1st to Mid September. Adult fee are 600 yen /2 hours.

Great location close to the river, the pool can get really buzy when it opens from July to half Septemebr. The fees are really cheap (200 yen for 2 hours) and it is especially appreciated by kids with inflatables.

One of the really few olympic size pool open all year long. The pool is combined with a gym. You will have to hurry up to enjoy this pool as it planned to be refurnished most of the year 2018. Price is 600 yen for 2 hours.

Nice outdoor pool with the masive plus to be really quiet sometimes, which is a luxury in Tokyo.You can swim 2 hours for 360 yen and this "family friendly" pool is located in a park near tennis courts and a baseball field.

With not one but 2 olympic pools,it is most probably the biggest swimming center in Toko and Japan. It will cost you 600 yen for 2 hours and be aware that the pool is not open to public everyday.

Another Pool located in a park between Shin Okubo and Takadenobaba. It will please people looking for a local pool not too busy during weekdays. Staff is friendly and you can buy all your swimming gears at the entrance hall. 400 yen for 2 hours.

A bit less central Tokyo compared to the other outdoors choices you can have during summer but if you are based in East Tokyo and looking for a 50 meter pool with sounds of cicadas, you will definitely think that these 400 yen for 2 hours are well invested

A local pool located close to Higashi Shinjuku for 400 yen/2hours. The pool is open from 8 am during the summer but you will perhaps find the pool staff a bit too strict. Pool can get quite busy during weekends but extremly quiet in weekdays afternoon. Be sure to get there the right time.